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Update 13 - GWD (i) Refresh, New Cape, VIP Zone change and more!

posted on Thursday, 28 September 2023

Welcome to the 13th update of the Naragun era. This update will celebrate the 4th month of uptime with some very big changes to make your life easier, as well as some new goals to target with the refresh of imbued gwd gear, buffed trimmed and elite comp capes, new imbued max capes and much more.


Naragun Points

We will start off by informing you of the expansion of the Naragun Points system to both the daily login reward system and now also available to win at all non-fun pk tournaments, 3 points to 1st place, 2 points to 2nd place and finally 1 point to 3rd place. We will be adding more throughout the next few updates across the game, so get your grinding boots on and don’t miss out on what is to come!


Nightmare Drop Rates

There was a big problem at nightmare with the drop system, this was some content which hasn’t been touched for a long time, but I am pleased to announce the rare and very rare drop tables have been completely nerfed to allow you a much higher chance at receiving this loot to improve your gear progression. There will be another future update around the solo nightmare mode to make it a shorter fight duration so be on the lookout for this.


In-game Buffing

There has been quite a bit of buffing with some things that haven’t quite lived up to the expectation that they originally had a while back. Both the Money and Blood Money box have been buffed with better rates of hitting the higher amounts of money, and also the increase of amount of money you can win in each box. I have improved the Almighty godsword attack and strength bonuses by 10% to give it a little bit more ‘oomf’, and the Dragonhunter claws stab and slash attack have been significantly improved by 33% to make this more on par with the Dragonshredder crossbow.


GWD Imbued Armor

Speaking of buffing, there has been a slight redevelopment of all GWD imbued armor and normal ultimate armor. We have gone ahead and nerfed the ultimate GWD gear by 5%, so there will be little to no difference with this gear, whereas we have buffed the imbued armor 15% to make it more worthwhile for the grind. This will be tested over the next few weeks with the imbued scrolls now only available at enraged (hard mode) GWD bosses. Another problem with both the ultimate and imbued armor was there was no difference in the look which led to no one being able to tell the difference. I have gone ahead and recoloured both the ultimate and imbued sets to see a visible difference, imbued being slightly darker compared to normal ultimate gear.


New and Improved Capes

Wait, there is more buffing?! Yes this time we have gone ahead and buffed both the Trimmed and Elite completionist capes to make them worthwhile the grind. The normal completionist cape has had a tiny and most likely unnoticeable nerf, with Trimmed cape stats being 50% better than normal completionist and Elite being 100% better than normal completionist cape. These should be somewhat worth the time to grind as they are best in slot capes to go for.


Now let’s talk about the other capes we have added into the game. You all now have the ability once you have reached your maxed status to make imbued max and assembler max capes. Just simply combine your Ava’s assembler or Imbued mage capes with your max cape and you will receive the cape and hood with the same stats as your original cape. Capes have never looked better in game!


Daily Task Reset Ticket

Whilst we added the completely new refresh to the daily tasks system, we have gone ahead and made it 1 step better by allowing you to reset your daily tasks if all 3 are incomplete by using a Daily task reset ticket from the vote shop. These will be available to buy for just 1 vote ticket, so you will be able to reset up to 12 times a day if you do both sets of voting in a 24 hour period and fight mimic’s 2x a day.


Slayer Task Skip

Whilst we plan and improve the upcoming slayer rewards and system, for the time being we have added a Slayer task skip allowing you to change slayer tasks with the assigned slayer master without spending your points. Don’t want to fight 90 Iron dragons, no problem! Head to naragun points store and buy yourself a slayer tasks skip for only 3 Naragun points. We will also add these into the donation store for all of you who love the slayer grind and want the fast gains with the grind.


VIP Zone Small Refresh

The last big change is the changes into the VIP zone for all Legendary and VIP/Supreme VIP donators. I have gone ahead and made a brand new fishing area with the inclusion of rocktails and karambwanji fishing spots, but this will only be available through the ;;vvip portal to VIP+ only. We have noted all potions in the VIP store after we missed a few in a recent update. All the chests from home are now in the tp area so you can have some more privacy if needed. I have added a wall between the grenwall and black chinchompas to help speed up your skilling after catching the wrong npc. The green dragons have been replaced with Frost dragons and last but not least I shifted the obelisks along to fit another bank chest into the corner of the Runecrafting spot.


Bug fixes and QoL:

- Added Upgrade protection orbs and Corrupted Hunllef Gem to Giant Mimic drop table

- Removed Sunshine Sophie from Burthorpe house

- Fixed cockroach soldier daily tasks

- Changed Nex tokens amount from 8 to 10, and Corp tokens amount from 30 to 25

- Twisted bow added into Owner, Naragun box and Mystery package and Olm's claw to Naragun box

- Added new teleports to access ::seren and also the singing bowl in Prifddinas at ::crystal

- Added missing Dragonstone gauntlets to Skeletal horror drop table

- Added Anvil to ::skilling next to furnace

- Fixed Prif agility course

Article Wrote By icon Luke 🔗