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Update 12 - Daily Tasks Refresh, Discord Bot and more!

posted on Thursday, 14 September 2023

Naragun Update 12

Welcome to Update 12 of the Naragun era. With summer now closed and we say a goodbye to the summer event from the previous 2-3 updates, it’s time to get stuck in on the newer content from the ground up, starting with completely restructured the daily task system, benefitting every type of player to start obtaining items which are crucial into progressing towards end game gear and therefore playing end game content.


Daily Tasks Refresh

We have now added pvm tasks into the daily tasks system, ranging from slayer bosses to more end game bosses. Not only will this generate more of an eco with items being drops across all these bosses, it will allow you to start earning brand new Naragun points to spend in the bran new Luke the Noob store in ::shops. The new daily pvm tasks are as followed:



Kill 10 Giant Moles

Kill 20 King Black Dragon

Kill 15 Tormented Demon

Kill 10 Glacor

Kill 5 Chaos Elemental

Kill 5 Hyrda

Kill 20 Jungle Strykewyrm

Kill 15 Desert Strykewyrm

Kill 10 Ice Strykewyrm

Kill 15 Drake

Kill 5 Dark Wolpertinger

Kill 15 TzHaar-Ket

Kill 25 TzHaar-Mej

Kill 30 TzHaar-Hur

Kill 3 Venenatis

Kill 3 Callisto

Kill 3 Vet’ion

Kill 15 Ankou

Kill 10 Skotizo

Kill 15 Abyssal Demon

Kill 35 Moss Giant

Kill 5 Vorkath

Kill 5 Zulrah

Kill 10 Cerberus

Kill 15 Kraken

Kill 20 Lizardman Shaman

Kill 15 Demonic Gorilla

Kill 30 Taloned Wyvern

Kill 20 Deranged Archaeologist

Kill 30 Smoke Devil

Kill 30 Barrelchest

Kill 5 Nomad

Kill 30 Cockroach



Kill 50 Giant Moles

Kill 40 King Black Dragon

Kill 30 Tormented Demon

Kill 40 Glacor

Kill 15 Chaos Elemental

Kill 15 Hyrda

Kill 15 Wildywyrm

Kill 45 Jungle Strykewyrm

Kill 35 Desert Strykewyrm

Kill 25 Ice Strykewyrm

Kill 35 Drake

Kill 20 Dark Wolpertinger

Kill 5 Corrupted Wolpertinger

Kill 35 TzHaar-Ket

Kill 50 TzHaar-Mej

Kill 75 TzHaar-Hur

Kill 10 Venenatis

Kill 10 Callisto

Kill 10 Vet’ion

Kill 50 Ankou

Kill 25 Skotizo

Kill 35 Abyssal Demon

Kill 80 Moss Giant

Kill 20 Vorkath

Kill 20 Zulrah

Kill 25 Cerberus

Kill 35 Kraken

Kill 40 Lizardman Shaman

Kill 50 Demonic Gorilla

Kill 60 Taloned Wyvern

Kill 40 Deranged Archaeologist

Kill 75 Smoke Devil

Kill 50 Barrelchest

Kill 20 Nomad

Kill 100 Cockroach

Kill 10 General Graardor

Kill 10 Commander Zilyana

Kill 10 Kree’arra

Kill 10 K’ril Tsutsaroth

Kill 5 Corporeal Beasts

Kill 1 Nex



Kill 100 Giant Moles

Kill 75 King Black Dragon

Kill 75 Tormented Demon

Kill 75 Glacor

Kill 30 Chaos Elemental

Kill 25 Hyrda

Kill 30 Wildywyrm

Kill 75 Jungle Strykewyrm

Kill 60 Desert Strykewyrm

Kill 50 Ice Strykewyrm

Kill 75 Drake

Kill 35 Dark Wolpertinger

Kill 15 Corrupted Wolpertinger

Kill 75 TzHaar-Ket

Kill 120 TzHaar-Mej

Kill 150 TzHaar-Hur

Kill 25 Venenatis

Kill 25 Callisto

Kill 25 Vet’ion

Kill 100 Ankou

Kill 50 Skotizo

Kill 60 Abyssal Demon

Kill 150 Moss Giant

Kill 50 Vorkath

Kill 50 Zulrah

Kill 50 Cerberus

Kill 75 Kraken

Kill 80 Lizardman Shaman

Kill 75 Demonic Gorilla

Kill 90 Taloned Wyvern

Kill 75 Deranged Archaeologist

Kill 150 Smoke Devil

Kill 75 Barrelchest

Kill 50 Nomad

Kill 250 Cockroach

Kill 50 General Graardor

Kill 50 Commander Zilyana

Kill 50 Kree’arra

Kill 50 K’ril Tsutsaroth

Kill 15 Corporeal Beasts

Kill 5 Nex



Kill 25 Corrupted Wolpertinger

Kill 100 General Graardor

Kill 100 Commander Zilyana

Kill 100 Kree’arra

Kill 100 K’ril Tsutsaroth

Kill 30 Corporeal Beasts

Kill 10 Nex


Naragun Points and Naragun Points Store

How the new Naragun points works as very simple and explained as followed:

  • 1 Naragun point = completed easy task
  • 2 Naragun point = completed medium task
  • 3 Naragun point = completed hard task
  • 4 Naragun point = completed extreme task

The more daily tasks you complete, the more points you will generate to be able to spend in the Luke the Noob Naragun Points Store. These Naragun points are all untradable, this will allow people to individually grind for their own benefit on the items in store. The current items in store are as followed, if you have any suggestions on other things that can be added, please don’t hesitate to pm Luke on Discord:


1 NP - Small XP lamp

2 NP - Medium XP lamp

3 NP - Large XP lamp

5 NP - Huge XP lamp

3 NP - Upgrade fragment key - T1

6 NP - Upgrade fragment key - T2

12 NP - Upgrade fragment key - T3

3 NP - MP Scroll

12 NP - DDR Scroll

3 NP - BXP Scroll

12 NP - Upgrade protection orb


Discord Bot Changes

With the new Discord bot that was added last week, we have and will be slowly migrating new features across the next few weeks and months, and the latest changes for them this week include the ability to link your discord account to your user account on the website by using the "connect discord" button on home page. Linking will give you the ability to reset your own password and checking your vote timer to see when you can next vote instead of logging in and checking on the website.


Wild Mystery Box

We have created a new wildy mystery box, for the people who don’t fancy their chances in the wildy whilst exposed to the pvmers. This will also be an easy way to obtain the 3 wildy rings, wildy armor, wildy weapons and a few more items most commonly seen in the Mandrith blood money store in ::shops.


Bug Fixes and QoL

  • VIP no longer pay for instances
  • Runes auto bank for vip >
  • Polypore staff no longer degrades on VIP and above
  • Overloads last 15 minutes supreme vip and above
  • Mithril seeds and dice have been removed from Party Pete store. If you want to gamble you need permission from a staff member who can middleman and provide you the seeds/dice necessary.

Article Wrote By icon Luke 🔗